As a philanthropic society.  We are humbled  to be part of the greatest challenge of our generation; sustainable development.  Our different members take pride and responsibility in positively impacting sustainability in their respective industries and surrounding environments. To us progress means every single step towards achieving Sustainability, any organization that is committed to deploying financial, human and intellectual resources more effectively to increase impact towards achieving sustainable development is eligible to become a Member.


Our Members are mainly comprised of the Business sector and Strategic Partners.  They are a differentiated selection of brands  including national and multinational corporations, small and medium size enterprises and corporate foundations that seek to make an accountable and tangible difference towards achieveng sustainability .  They are key stakeholders to policy implementation and have a direct impact on the day to day development of humanity. They also provide financial resources, competencies, knowledge & innovation and help us  realise the society's mandate by advancing sustainable development globally.  

Zainab Ansell

Business Leader, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Zainab Ansell founded ZARA Tours in 1987, organizing African safaris and climbs to Mt. Meru and the iconic Mt. Kilimanjaro. Today, ZARA tours is Tanzania’s No.1 Kilimanjaro outfitter and one of the biggest safari operators in East Africa. She is actively engaged in Sustainable Tourism Development and has also invested in the field of hospitality (Tanzania Wildcamps) where currently she operates two hotels, four tented camps and two lodges . Tanzania Wildcamps are the only Global Sustainable Tourism Council member facilities in Tanzania. 

Zara is a dedicated, responsible and ethical travel company. In April 2018 Zara Tanzania Adventurers Covered 1,200 Porters with Health Insurance, being the first tour company in Tanzania to cover mass low-income earner mountain crew with health insurance.

Zainab Ansell has sustainably impacted and continues to impact thousands of lives in Tanzania, as she directly employs nearly 1,410 on both permanent and seasonal basis, sustaining thousands of families in a country where unemployment prominently exists. Besides addressing unemployment, Zainab is also at forefront in extending a helping hand to the surrounding indigenous persons, mostly Masaai. Ms. Ansell is a strong believer of education for empowerment she has built a school where children under seven years of age are educated free of charge. Zainab has not only constructed the school and left, she also runs the facility with 95 kids, all from the Maasai nomadic pastoralists, pursuing their dreams in life. Without the school, the Maasai kids would have nowhere to study. , apart from the school she has facilitated basic education and training to 900 plus porters in the fields of first aid training, beginners’ English courses, HIV and AIDS education and financial management training.

In efforts to achieve gender equality, Ms. Ansell has also developed a special window for helping marginalised Maasai women in her fresh bid to liberate them from harmful shackles of their traditional norms. Zainab is single handedly struggling to address historical injustice compounded by oppression and exploitation towards women. She has, in addition, been financially empowering the Maasai women to buy raw materials for making beads and selling them to foreign tourists. Impacting hundreds of Maasai women who are key pillars in their communities.Steering inclusive development of host communities in key tourist destinations in the country which is key for sustainable tourism development. 

She has initiated Zara Charity with the intention stimulate a global movement on sustainable tourism development by giving back to the community through the network of the travel industry partners, organisations, travellers and global citizens interested in reaching out to and supporting vulnerable groups in Tanzania.

Recognised for her efforts in promoting Sustainable Tourism Development in Africa and her love for humanity, Zainab Ansell is a multi-award winner having received over 13 local and international awards; among them, the World Travel Market (WTM) Humanitarian Award and the Business Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2012), the iconic Tourism for The Future Awards 2015, African Travel top 100 Women and is a nominee for the upcoming virgo awards several other upcoming regional and international awards.

More recently she has set up Zara Foundation to tackle climate change and Preserve eco systems through strategic partnerships and collaborations with like minded individuals she intends to embark on marine and land biodiversity protection and carbon offsetting.  Zainab initiated and has been participating in the clean up of the iconic Mt. Kilimanjaro two times a year in efforts to preserve its eco-system.  Climate change is the biggest challenge of our generation. Together with other society members we proudly celebrate and cherish Ms. Zainab Ansell as an impactful Sustainability hero.


There are 4 types of SDI Memberships available; General, Academic Institutions, Corporates and Financial Institutions and Supporting Members. The Current annual contribution for each membership tier is as specified below:

Member Type

Regular Contribution (US$)



Academic Institutions


Corporates/Financial Institutions




General Members typically fall within one of these categories: Foundation/Trust, Family Office, Government-related, Impact Fund, Private Equity/Venture Capital or Service Provider.


The benefits of becoming a member focus on value addition to your brand as a responsible and pro-sustainable development organisation, Knowledge and Insights; Advocacy & Collaboration and Networking

Being competitive in the global value chain

Joining our society means greater value for trade in your respective industry.  Within our society's portfolio and through pro sustainability inititives; our members enjoy; Technical assistance for trade related policy and regulations affecting sustainability, Improvement of accessibility and connectivity to the global pro sustainability audience as a result improving your economic infrastructure and Productive capacity building which is further enhanced through our workshops.

By becoming a member, you are not only supporting SDI's important work of increasing awareness of sustainable development and creating and impactful difference but also participating in and contributing to the efforts to advance sustainability in various sectors of global development. Members have the opportunity to apply to join any SDI Working Group and to be involved in key decision making processes that will shape the work of the SDI programs.

Members  are invited and encouraged to voice their opinions on important sustainability policies and practices and on key issues that should be prioritized in SDI’s activities.

Networking Opportunities:
* Invitations to participate in SDI's meetings and events that bring SDI members, strategic partners and industry stakeholders together to meet and exchange ideas.
* Opportunity to attend all international and regional SDI events at a reduced member registration rate.

Members gain quality networking & marketing opportunities:
As a member of the SDI’s global network of sustainable development advocates, professionals and stakeholders, you have the opportunity to actively network and connect with fellow members from around the world, and gain relevant exposure for your commitment to sustainability.

Marketing Opportunities:
* Use SDI member logo on your organization’s website and relevant promotional materials according to the Member Logo Terms of Use.
* Gain visibility through member listing in the SDI member directory, with your organization’s logo, description and link to your website.
* Submit relevant materials for media awareness and marketing, to be considered for inclusion in the SDI newsletter and social media communications, according to the Member News Submission Guidelines (available in the Member-only area).

Education and Training Opportunities:
* Opportunity to attend SDI member-only webinars. Invitations to these webinars are extended to all staff members of your organization.

* Access to educational materials on topics and issues related to sustainable  development, business sustainability practices, and certification and standards with respect to your specific area of interest within our portfolio.

Members are given access to SDI programs & educational resources

We encourage you to take advantage of the various education and training opportunities available through the SDI and to continue seeking knowledge and tools to improve your sustainable development practices.

The table Below Summarizes the benefits of SDI Membership:

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Adopting sustainability as a primary platform for driving growth is a serious commitment, which requires a change in the most difficult of aspects; the organisational mindset. This mindset change manifests in the way organisation’s approaches sustainability. By weaving positive community impact as the end result of its initiatives. 

How can your organisation become a member of our society?
* Weaving social impact and responsibility into the brand’s purpose 
* Communicating sustainability 
* Showcasing positive outcomes (either at an individual, society or industry level)
* Reinforcement (using positive outcomes as drivers or motivations for further actions or more aggressive goals)
* Measuring, monitoring and publishing progress 

Following the above strategic implementation roadmap, allows brands to stay true to their vision of adopting sustainability as a  differentiating factor.  Send us an enquiry below if you are interested in becoming a member