Philanthropy for Sustainable Development Forum 2019

The Philanthropy for Sustainable Development Forum is the first  annual philanthropy forum of its kind in the region focusing on Access to Clean Water and Sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa as opening theme. The forum will provide a platform for over 100 participants in the field of philanthropy, thought leaders and NGOs from around the world to exchange views, facilitate cross-sector collaborations and cultivate long-term partnership and engagement, all in the hope of creating Sustainable Development by providing access to clean water and sanitation.

Each year the Forum will adopt a different focal point based on the needs of the communities in need globally.

The Forum adopts the theme of impactful, positive and sustainable change convened by the SDI Society. Set to take place in 2019,  the forum will be hosted in South Africa.  For more details please send us an enquiry in the form below and we will get back to you with more details.


Sustainable Development Impact Heroes

Join us as we celebrate and recognize the achievers and influencers of sustainable Development.

The Society believes in celebrating and recognising various efforts being made by different stakeholders globally to advance sustainable development.  Using this platform and our media partners we are committed to showcasing and celebrating different achievers of efforts to advance Sustainable Development globally.


Are you an influencer of Sustainable Development? We invite all activists of sustainable development to share their work and progress to be considered for publicity.  Below we have created a platform where projects can be shared and nominated.  Please include country, website and a small description of the project in your message.