We are a change driving philanthropic hub, characterised by members and partners made up of corporations, individuals, governments, non-government organizations, academic institutions and international development agencies united by a common quest; to influence and achieve Sustainable Development by prestigiously differentiating and aligning our respective projects/brands to the cause. 

As global citizens, we believe it is our responsibility to make and influence positive change in our day to day activities and lives in a manner that will restore and conserve natural resources in order to ensure that life today and our development do not compromise the needs of future generations.


To incubate  and facilitate sustainable development projects in a manner that creates a strong desire and prestige in being a part of and achieving Sustainable Development globally.


To  inclusively engage all stake holders of humanity and its existence in the quest towards achieving Sustainable Development by incubating and initiating projects in a manner that will influence a  transformative desire and need for taking responsibility, participating and championing activities that will lead towards achieving more sustainable development globally.


Although the future is uncertain, a preferable future is a more sustainable one. Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable development recognises the interdependence of environmental, social and economic systems and promotes equality and justice through people empowerment and a sense of global citizenship. 


Through Self initiatives and Strategic partnerships with Governments, International Development organisations, Non-Government Organization’s, Academic institutions, Regional Integration blocks, corporates and Private Organisations; the Sustainable Development Impact Society (SDI) aims to advocate policies, promote, support, initiate and actively participate in 8 sub-categories of sustainable development.;

  1. Climate action 
  2. Sustainable biodiversity conservation
  3. Access to Clean water and Sanitation
  4. Sustainable Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  5. Sustainable Cities and  communities through inclusive development
  6. Poverty alleviation
  7. Youth empowerment
  8. Lifestyle
We do recognise, encourage and advocate for all 17 of the UN Sustainable development goals and have chosen to specialise in our strengths and what is achievable to us, our members and Strategic Partners based on our portfolio. In addition to that we offer top of the line consultancy services to our members and strategic partners on matters relating to sustainable development.


While opinions may differ on how responsibility should be allocated across private and public institutions, Sustainable development and the need for sustainability is the responsibility of all humanity. Stakeholders have the ability to influence the success or failure of Sustainable Development goals, they include; Governments, International development Organizations, the Community, NGOs / Activists , Faith Based 
Organizations , Trade Associations , Academia and individuals.